Classroom Management softwares


Education has been constantly evolving through the years. This improvement is noticed when we have to go through different types of situations. Teaching embraces change and adapts to new situations. 

Classroom management software is a type of software that is used for the teacher to manage the class through the use of computers and other devices. The teacher has the ability to see and track the students activity. 

Benefits of using classroom management software:

Teacher can build custom report cards, generate notifications and reminders to parents.Tiresome paper-based process can be avoided as it is difficult for teachers to maintain attendance and performance records.


The drawbacks are that computer and internet should be accessed for this method to be successful. It requires a knowledge of computer skills but some software only demand basic skills. However, this method of teaching may not suit all learners as they tend to prefer the traditional way of teaching.

Here is a link to different types of classroom management software:

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