Diigo- more than just a social bookmarking tool

Recently acquired the knowledge of social bookmarking tool through the module: bringing technological innovation in the classroom. Diigo is surely one of the social bookmarking tools. It acts as a cloud; stores bookmarks and arranges them in proper order with the use of tags.

Diigo gives access to pdfs format file. It facilitates the reader's task by providing options such as highlighting the captivating parts and also adding notes. 

The readers's view is benefited with an option of "pdf's outline" which enables the classification of the document to ease access of pages hence avoiding endless scrolling.

Teachers can efficiently use this social bookmarking tool  to share information with their students. Outliners can be used to make short notes of articles. The teacher may use this part to take the specific points he wants his students to lay emphasis on instead of going through the whole article.

On the other side, Diigo is a network with built with a variety of communities each open for sharing ideas and information. The communities differ from categories as educational, music, art and many others. One can have access to a piece of information through tags which a noted as keywords.Teachers can create a group/community and keep his students posted.

Diigo is easily accessible. It is available as an extension and can be downloaded freely. Other services such as capturing screenshots are available. 

Here is the link to diigo: www.diigo.com

Here is the link to my diigo group : https://groups.diigo.com/group/brain-cultivation

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