Diigo- more than just a social bookmarking tool

Recently acquired the knowledge of social bookmarking tool through the module: bringing technological innovation in the classroom. Diigo is surely one of the social bookmarking tools. It acts as a cloud; stores bookmarks and arranges them in proper order with the use of tags. Diigo gives access to pdfs format file. It facilitates the reader's task by providing options such as highlighting the captivating parts and also adding notes.  The readers's view is benefited with an option of "pdf's outline" which enables the classification of the document to ease access of pages hence avoiding endless scrolling. Teachers can efficiently use this social bookmarking tool  to share information with their students. Outliners can be used to make short notes of articles. The teacher may use this part to take the specific points he wants his students to lay emphasis on instead of going through the whole article. On the other side, Diigo is a network with built with a variety of c

Google classroom

Google classroom functions like real classroom. It is easily accessible and manipulated. The aim of this free web service is simply creating, distributing and grading assignments.  The main purpose is to bring technological innovations in the classroom; a process where teachers and students can share their files.

Science and Art, Sir Leckraz Teelock SSS

I had this immense honour to meet a physics teacher during my internship at Sir Leckraz Teelock State Secondary School when i was a student of Arts at the Fashion and Design Institute last year.  I was not really into science, science is far, not even into mathematics.. Then the physics teacher showed up during a small break. He was apparently looking for me. We talked. He wanted to learn the way art functions, and i was not even curious about science until he brought me interest. Since then we kept in touch. During breaks, after school hours and even in my free periods i would attend his class to understand his way of teaching things. Throughout this whole process of work placement we were discussing; ideas, theories and different philosophies. We still meet. This experience made me embark into this teaching and learning journey. Glad to share this, thanks for your time.. ✌